Dell Mini 3iX shown off in Brazil, works on tan, leaves Android Market in the dust?

Hey, Dell: looking for the absolute quickest way to screw up your first entry into the dog-eat-dog smartphone industry? Well, removing the Market app from your Android load is a solid way to start. Yeah, you heard that right — according to Brazilian site Zumo, the all-important Android Market was nowhere to be found on [...]

Snoop Dogg: the GPS industry’s secret weapon against Google

You know what TomTom has that Google Maps Navigation doesn’t? Snoop. D. O. Double G. Voice Skins, the same company that brought Homer Simpson to the world of turn-by-turn, paid tha cost to hire da boss himself, which is now available for $12.95 and compatible with all TomTom devices. The Doggfather telling us how to [...]

Energizer promises new and improved zinc-air battery for summer 2010

Energizer has been working on zinc-air batteries for quite some time now (along with plenty of others), but it looks like its now finally set to deliver with a new “standard battery” that’s said to be on track for a launch sometime in the summer of next year. What’s more, while some of the company’s [...]

Microsoft shifting internal focus to Windows 8 in July 2010

Ah, the tormented life of a Microsoft employee. You spend a few years of your life nurturing a product, teaching it some new tricks, and before you know it you have to release it into the wild and start all over again. Coincidentally, Microsoft also seems to do a lot of hiring during that tumultuous [...]

Comcast deal to buy NBC is done, will be announced Thursday

We told you we had a feeling this thing was happening — less than a day after GE consolidated ownership of NBC Universal in preparation to spin it off and sell a controlling stake to Comcast, CNBC is reporting that the deal is actually done and will be announced Thursday morning. As rumored from the [...]