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Dec 1st 2009 | 37 Articles

1:21 am

Cambridge Consultants Suma sensor is designed to add ‘3D’ input to traditional control schemes

3:02 am

Nissan introducing low-cost navigation systems this January

2:15 am

RED Scarlet 2/3 priced, detailed, and wanted

3:54 am

Samsung’s [...]

Spring Design denied injunction on sales of Barnes & Noble Nook

This shouldn’t be seen as an indicator of future rulings, but Spring Design has been denied its injunction to halt Barnes & Noble from selling the Nook. According to court documents, there is “genuine dispute” over whether the Nook was derived by Spring Design’s contributions or was independently developed prior — in a nutshell, there’s [...]

Flip Video FlipShare TV beams video to the big screen

We first saw the Cisco FlipShare TV hit the FCC just over a month ago, and now that’s it’s official (well, official in the sense that Walt Mossberg broke the embargo by two hours) we’re still sort of underwhelmed and a little befuddled — although it’s made by Cisco, the Flip-focused media player doesn’t actually [...]

Google halts development of Gears, makes room for HTML 5

Well, we’ve known for a while that Google was throwing considerable weight behind HTML 5, and that one of the purposes of the markup language is to do away with plug-ins for Internet apps, so it makes sense that eventually Gears would go the way of the Dodo. But so soon? Linus Upson, the [...]

FCC boss keeps driving home the ’spectrum, spectrum, spectrum’ message for wireless broadband

Love him or hate him, it seems destined that the FCC’s Julius Genachowski will leave as big of a mark on the agency he’s leading — if not bigger — than his predecessor Kevin Martin did, because he’s hell-bent on shaking up the wireless airwaves and landlines he oversees in some pretty huge ways. Pushback [...]