Elevator operating robot janitor goes on sale in Japan

In one year alone we’ve seen robots shaking things up in such far-flung fields as fashion and interpretive dance. That said, our concerns are generally more prosaic — that’s why we’re most excited by the industrial strength autonomous sweepers developed by the likes of Fuji Heavy Industries, Sumitomo, and Subaru. Like last year’s model, their [...]

Next-generation SD specification comes to light, 300MBps just around the corner

Believe it or not, we first heard of SDXC nearly a year ago. Aside from a highly guarded chip spotted at CeBIT, though, we’ve yet to see any of those cards in the flesh. Thankfully for the impatient among us, it seems as if the SD Specification 4.0 is well on its way to being [...]

Manufacturers redirecting R&D on declining GPS device orders?

If you enjoy the decimation of an industry as much as Google does then you’re going to love the latest rumor sourced from DigiTimes‘ manufacturing moles. According to the Taiwanese rumor rag, personal navigation device R&D teams at the manufacturing powerhouses of Foxconn (aka, Hon Hai) and Wistron have been shifted to other devices in [...]

WebOS 1.3.2 out for Palm Pixi while Pre looks on with jealousy

Looks like Palm’s first Pixi update has an air of exclusivity to it. WebOS 1.3.2 is being released to the somewhat washed, non-slider masses, while Pre owners are so far left toying with 1.3.1. Not a huge loss, it seems, as no one is yet certain what this update does. Still, if you got a [...]

TerreStar Genus satphone gets beamed into an FCC lab

That projected Q1 2010 availability window for AT&T’s first dual-mode satphone (and first satphone, period, for that matter) is looking pretty dang obtainable now that Elektrobit — the device’s manufacturer — has secured FCC approval. As you can tell from the laboratory mugshot here, TerreStar’s Genus is a pretty unassuming-looking Windows Mobile smartphone, which is [...]