IBM simulates cat’s brain, humans are next

Almost exactly a year ago we noted DARPA pouring nearly $5 million into an IBM project to develop a computer capable of emulating the brain of a living creature. Having already modeled half of a mouse’s brain, the researchers were at that time heading toward the more ambitious territory of feline intelligence, and today we [...]

Umazone UMA-ISO drive enclosure takes the sting out of mounting disk images

Hey, man — aren’t you sick of all the pain and expense of mounting disc images from the desktop? OK, we weren’t either — until we saw this: Umazone’s UMA-ISO is a drive enclosure (supply your own 2.5-inch HDD) that features a small display and jog wheel for scrolling through CD / DVD image files. [...]

PS3 firmware 3.10 released with Facebook support, ‘richer’ trolling experience

If you’ve been lusting to indulge in all of those new social networking possibilities that the new PS3 firmware provides, today is your lucky day. And you know what that means: the firmware 3.10 update! Are you ready to post trophies to your Facebook page, signaling your gaming prowess to the world at large? Then [...]

Nokia’s Maemo 5-equipped N900 on sale in America for $649

We’ve already given you a glimpse at the N900, but as of today, you Yanks in the crowd can wrap your own limber paws around Nokia’s hero device. Admittedly tailored for enthusiasts and developers to use while the company maneuvers Maemo into its product line, the N900 is now available through Nokia Flagship stores in [...]

Malata’s R108T netvertible embraces touch, Windows 7

It’s been nearly three full years since we’ve heard a peep from Malata, but the outfit has chosen an opportune time to reemerge into the spotlight. The R108T netbook is one of the convertible variety, boasting a swiveling 10-inch touchscreen (similar to ASUS’ Eee PC T91) and Windows 7 to boot. Internally, things get a [...]