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ASUS Eee PC Seashell 2 spotted with removable battery, pretty in pink styling

We’ve seen ASUS playing with various textures on its Seashell line before, but we haven’t seen anything quite this… dramatic from the company before. It’s the Eee PC 1008P, the Seashell 2 not due to be unveiled until CES, but these images captured by HardwareZone give us plenty of info to tide us over. Inside [...]

DJ Hero controller goes rogue, now available separately

If early sales reports are anything to go by, Activision’s DJ Hero franchise won’t be hosting too many impromptu Christmas tree raves this holiday season. Many gamers have been shunning the idea of yet another plasticy peripheral cluttering up their otherwise fastidiously neat abodes, but, for those with storage space to spare and would-be turntablist [...]

Audi A8 MMI adds handwriting recognition to list of 2011 features

The A8’s Multi Media Interface (a fancy name for a nav unit with media player attached) is already a pretty sophisticated piece of tech, but Audi has opted against resting on those laurels and has pushed out a new feature for the luxury saloon’s next iteration. The 2011 A8 (available in Spring 2010 — crazy, [...]

Acer to launch first Chrome OS netbook, Android-based Aspire One sales disappoint

Acer loves it some Google. And unless Google’s trying to stamp out your revenue stream, who doesn’t? Now Acer chairman, JT Wang, says that he expects to be first to market with an official Chrome OS netbook — sometime in the second half of 2010 according to DigiTimes‘ sources. In fact, JT says that Acer’s [...]

Elevator operating robot janitor goes on sale in Japan

In one year alone we’ve seen robots shaking things up in such far-flung fields as fashion and interpretive dance. That said, our concerns are generally more prosaic — that’s why we’re most excited by the industrial strength autonomous sweepers developed by the likes of Fuji Heavy Industries, Sumitomo, and Subaru. Like last year’s model, their [...]