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Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: EP 8 Caps

He really can not stop himself. He’s not going to bring up the past but he keeps bringing it every chance he gets. At his home, he told her this was the house he was going to use as their bridal home and asked if his former fiance (meaning her) would have liked it. You [...]

Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 7 Caps

My gosh, he is just losing it when she is near. After 6 years, they have NOT forgotten and their feelings for each other still lingers. Everything reminds them of the past–the Ruj song (”One Love, One Heart”) and even a common flowering bush (the jasmine plant) stirs up memory. These people need therapy to [...]

Mario, how very Isan of you!

Mario Maurer returned to Thailand recently to attend the Hamburger magazine 8th year anniversary celebration at Central World, Mario has been in Korea these past few weeks filming a drama. The few things he misses most about Thailand are his friends and the food, what he said: “the truth is I miss everyone, over there [...]

Girly Berry before and after

Girly Berry today–sexy, confident and still vocally challenge. So no, I don’t listen to their music.

Girly Berry 8 years ago. Not bad looking, age does wonders for one’s appearance. I wouldn’t say they had plastic surgery, it’s more of style choice and make-up.

In Order:
1.”Nannie” Pattaranan Deeratsamee (23), the youngest member
2. “Giftza” Piya Pongkulapa (24)
3. “Gybzy” [...]

Four in C-quint’s MV

Yes, my little chicklings, “Four” Sakonrat Wornaurai of the girl group Four-Mod is dating Pitt Karchai of the Thai boyband C-quint. He has even brought her a ring y’all. Ain’t it cute? But don’t get too excited it’s a fashion ring and she wears it everywhere. To milk this relationship for all its worth, Four [...]