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Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 10 JUST caps

Like always, just caps from Pantip forum. I’m out for the day.

Nuthi, you’re not helping sweetie, Bor will kill you! To save Kaew from harassment, Nuthi lies that Kaew is his girlfriend.

Boom! Explosion, look at his eyes! “Kaew is seeing someone new…noooooooooooooo!”

Gosh, dump him already. It’s plainly obvious he doesn’t like you.

More longingly [...]

Aum, it’s time to settle down

I been saying this for the longest time, I love Thai reporters, they are one sneaky bunch. Aum Atichart was asked again about his relationship with Nat Myria, he mentions they are still good friends who can talk to each other about everything. The reporters then baited Aum by asking when they are NOT together, [...]

He’s just 14

Don’t even think about it, don’t even utter the word ’s*xy’ or anything provocative because you could go to jail. He’s 14 years old. I think he’s an adorable young lad, talented too. Watch a few of his lakorns and movies and you’ll be blown away by his performance.
‘Kao’ Jirayu La-ongmanee started his career doing [...]

The flirt and the Indian Princess

They are denying it but do I believe it? That’s another story. Body language can say a lot, these two are more than friends. Fun Thong, Confirm! In interviews, they say they’re not a couple and the word ‘friend’ pops up a lot–”we’re just friends…heeeheee.” Oh please! Watching videos of them during interviews, you can [...]

From unnoticable side actor to pra’ek

Tle Thanapol has come a long way. Still, he doesn’t feel like a star, he’s just another guy. He prefers it that way, he told Komchadluek newspaper during an interview.
Yes, as a kid, he was chubby. Last Friday (11/6/09), the cast of “Buang Rai Prai Ruk (The trap of evil is defeated by love)” appeared [...]