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Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 10 caps

The more I watch him on screen, the more I watch his character unfold, the more I want to throw my flip flops at him. It’s beyond belief how idiotic he has become. They dated for freaking 3 years, yet he has the audacity to question her character. Give me a break!
Overall, decent episode if [...]

Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 11 Just caps

Like usual, Just caps from Pantip.
Yes, there was an attempted r-scene today, luckily, he came to his senses.

Sorry kids, the caps are not in order.

Oh hell na, Nuthi sang Kaew and Bor’s song as a tribute to Kaew.

Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 9 caps

Just caps I stole from Pantip Forum, I must say Aom and Pong look mighty fine today. All black is definitely Pong’s color, he should wear all the time.
I have not seen the episode yet. I won’t be home all day today, episode 9 recaps might be delayed.
Completed, I have not read through it. I’ll [...]

Kwan is hot and bothered about Mann

The news about her friend Mann, not Mann himself. There are pictures online of Kwan being ’sweet’ with her guy friend Mann. People now suspect it is her new boyfriend.
At the MADD 2010 awards at Central World, Kwan complained to the reporters that she found these types of news annoying because she doesn’t even have [...]

E-Spirit fashion show

Yesterday November 16, several young stars participated in the E-Spirit fashion at Central World. Why yes, I did laugh. The average temperate in Thailand is probably around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit and they’re wearing fall and winter clothing. Well they can wear it up North where the weather is much cooler.

Aw. Our cutie pie Kao giving [...]