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Pol Tanthasatien returns as a villain

[Pol, Son and Grand]
Remember Pol Tanthasatien, that Chinese looking Thai guy who is probably part Chinese, who usually portrayed Thai-Chinese millionaires in popular lakorns back in the late 90s. Yea, he’s back. Of course, not as a pra’ek, dude is old and we, lakorn watchers, are vain and shallow. I’m not ashamed to say that. [...]

Tomorrow, I’ll still love you:Ep 13 Just caps

To be honest, I hated this episode. If it wasn’t for Phipat’s tattle-tailing ways, it wouldn’t have been enjoyable. I love how he simply slips random info to his crazy wife Putt. Like for example, Kaew is Bor’s secretary and Nu Nim is calling Kaew “mother” now. He’s pretty sneaky and his crazy jealous wife [...]

Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 12 Caps

“Tomorrow, I’ll still love you” continues to entertain and that is quite an amazing feat for someone like me who is easily bored. Usually, I watch lakorns with one finger on the fast-forward button. Life is too short to tolerate through crappy lakorn scenes. I have things to do, I want to be entertain. Thus [...]

Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 12 Kong and Phiwit scenes

I have to laugh at these caps. I just love this gay couple. Kong went to watch one of Phiwit’s car racing events. He stood beside two hoochie mamas, who were cheering for Phiwit. HAHA. What an epic moment, Kong was jealous of it. After Phiwit won, the hoochie mamas started talking.
Girl in the blue [...]

Tomorrow, I’ll still love you: Ep 11 Caps

Yes, there was an attempted r-scene in this episode, luckily, he came to his senses. I must say the pra’ek is daring, his girlfriend and people were still at his house, yet he tried to rawr nang’ek.

It’s the end of the work day and also the day of Bor’s party. Tunwa (Big man) came over [...]