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Cris dances the salsa with Woody

I know very little about Cris Horwang other than the fact that she is the lead actress in “Bangkok Traffic Love story” with Ken Theeradeth. After watching Cris on the Woody’s show, she’s quite amusing. Some things I didn’t know about her:
1. she is a ballet instructor
2. she is a DJ for 104.5 Fat radio
3. [...]

Khunatum and Mommy!

Khunatum and his mommy “Noi” Bussakorn Pornwannasirivej inside and on the cover of Praew magazine for their October 2009 issue. He seems oblivious to the whole thing. He’s doing his own thing, reading a magazine upside down, holding on to the metal railing for dear life. He’s like ‘mom you work it”, I’ll just chill. [...]

Aimee is determined to make you believe

Good for her! Aimee has been casted in the upcoming lakorn “Ngao Hua Jai (Reflection of the heart)”, where she will be portraying a factory worker. Some are skeptical about her acting abilities and her appearance. She does not look the part of a factory worker, she looks too high class. But Aimee is determined [...]

How did Janie get involve in this?

For the love of cheese, Janie was the third hand that broke up “Aff” Taksaorn Paksukcharean and her long time boyfriend Or. Are you sure Thai media? Like Yuk Songpaisan with his gay rumors, Pong and Chakrit with their Cassanova rumors, Janie is the third hand in everyone relationship even though she doesn’t even know [...]

Ploy fought with Guy?

Honestly, I don’t care whether it is true or not, but the way Ploy Chermarn handled herself, she deserves an applause. This is what you call a talented actress, she can handle the press, play crazy nang’rai roles, and still pull in high TV ratings when she is the lead actress, remember Ploy and Por’s [...]