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Of Rankings, Mediocrity & Quality Of Life

Well, there’s always an exception that proves the rule. According to a recent poll Bangkok was voted the no. 1 most attractive city in Asia. Thai media hailed the headline. But the poll was conducted in Bangkok, among 500 foreign tourists. As if 500 interviewed tourists in Tokyo would have chosen Bangkok. That’s not what [...]

The Vongthip Letter Nov 09

Long live our king! Since HM the king has checked into the hospital some six weeks ago, his loyal have been worried sick about the state of his health until they saw him healthy and smiling again as he made two impromptu tours of the hospital on his wheelchair on 23/10/09 and again on 2/11/09. [...]

Thitinan’s Rakesh Saxena Encyclopedia

After one of the longest extradition battles in the history of Canada, fugitive Thai banker Rakesh Saxena recently arrived back home, in a Thai prison cell that is. A spokesman for Thailand’s attorney general said Saxena, an Indian national and a little man who was a big pest, has over 20 cases pending against him [...]

Dangerous Ground

This topic is speculative, but in these times when even bankers can get arrested who acted on the basis of information that was available to them, then everything becomes speculative. Remember, a lot of information available in Thailand is not officially available. Call it a new, not yet seen interpretation of a LM-like approach. The [...]

In Thailand It’s Real, Halloween

It’s one of those nights I try to avoid. Halloween. Why celebrate death and the macabre when the non-Halloween world got enough of death and the macabre already.
What a nerd. Because the supernatural, ghosts, ghost hunters and such are very Thai and therefore real. That’s what we’re told by this TV report Destination Truth: Ghosts [...]