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2010 Superfly Will Make You Say ‘My, Oh My’

Product: 2010 Superfly 100
Manufacturer: Gary Fisher
Wired Rating: 9
Editor’s note: We recently reviewed the tough-as-nails Superfly. That bike is old hat
compared to the improvements made on the newest model.

First, a little history lesson. For hardcore cross-country mountain bike racers, the equipment of choice is a hardtail bike with 26-inch wheels. That’s to say, there’s a suspension [...]

Dual-Screen Camera Delivers Double Dose of Dumb

Product: DualView TL225
Manufacturer: Samsung
Wired Rating: 4
Your online coolness factor hinges on three things: your number of friends (or followers), the wittiness of status updates (or tweets) and the quality of your self-taken picture (or poorly framed mess). You’ll have to explore other sections of Wired for help with the first two factors, but we’ve got [...]

Superfly Mountain Bike Takes Beatings Better Than Muhammad Ali

Product: Superfly Mountain Bike
Manufacturer: Gary Fisher
Wired Rating: 8
Imagine the love child of a muscle-bound, terrain-conquering Hummer and a nimble carbon fiber Formula One racer. Now make it balance on two wheels, subtract a few zeros from the price tag and give it unlimited mpg.
The resulting contraption would be Gary Fisher’s new Superfly: a carbon-slathered, 29-inch-wheel [...]

Gaming Laptop Blows Away Benchmarks, Wastes Wallets

Product: Deimos X-10
Manufacturer: BFG Tech
Wired Rating: 6
Geeks might know BFG Tech as a veteran graphics-card maker. Now the hardware manufacturer is moving into high-end laptops. Its first effort at portable computer is nothing if not record-breaking. At 13 pounds, the Deimos X-10 is the heaviest laptop we’ve tested, and its 18.4-inch LCD marks the [...]

Yes, This Is the Droid You’ve Been Looking For

Product: Droid
Manufacturer: Motorola
Wired Rating: 8
The Droid is Motorola’s second attempt at an Android phone but the first one they’ve actually gotten right. More importantly, it’s one of the first phones that can legitimately stand head-to-head with the iPhone — and come out ahead in some significant respects.
Like get decent reception! The Droid is offered by [...]