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Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: December and Christmas 2009


Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: December and Christmas 2009 (via @smashingmag) -
Over the last months our readers were complaining about the low quality of wallpapers featured in the Desktop Wallpaper Calendar series here on Smashing Magazine. To keep the very high quality of the competition and motivate artists and designers to put more thoughts and [...]

Critical Mistakes Freelancers Make


Seeing as we are all human (well, presumably whoever is reading this post anyway), we should recognize that mistakes happen. They even have that saying, “To err is human…,” which goes to show that it is not only commonplace for us to err once or twice: it is expected. But a method is [...]

Designing Websites for Kids: Trends and Best Practices


How would you like to design a beautiful, colorful, stimulating website that is captivating, memorable, and allows you to let your creative juices flow without the need to worry too much about conventional usability and best practices? In today’s web design market, it’s rare that such a project would present itself — unless [...]

Beautiful Photoshop Illustrations By Artists Around The World


Photoshop is a magical tool for digital artists and photographers, and it rules the digital imaging world. It is not just a tool, though; Photoshop is a blank canvas that invites you to perform magic with your creativity. It gives you room to creatively manipulate photos and explore the artist in yourself.
To celebrate [...]

ASUS Eee PC Seashell 2 spotted with removable battery, pretty in pink styling

We’ve seen ASUS playing with various textures on its Seashell line before, but we haven’t seen anything quite this… dramatic from the company before. It’s the Eee PC 1008P, the Seashell 2 not due to be unveiled until CES, but these images captured by HardwareZone give us plenty of info to tide us over. Inside [...]