[Aff at the Seventeen magazine awards today]

I guess in Thailand it’s a crime to go grocery shopping with a guy companion in the evening. OH no, the evening! It’s dark and scary! What to do? We’re all adults here (well I am), news like these can be ridiculous.

So Aff went supermarket shopping with Songkran one evening and now it’s “NEWS”. Aff doesn’t sweat it because she did nothing wrong. She finds this all baffling because it’s just shopping at the supermarket. At the Seventeen Magazine Awards today at Central World, Aff gave responses to the news about her.

Firstly, the supermarket incident with Songkran:

“If going to the supermarket, I go there often, I go to several stores. It’s very perplexing, just to go to the supermarket, I made ‘news’. At this moment, it seems like everything I do it becomes an issue (news). The truth is I live my life normally. I eat, I go watch a movie, I go shopping at the supermarket, these are all very normal things. As for the news that I brought things (supplies) for Songkran’s condo, firstly, Songkran doesn’t have a condo. Secondly, everything I do, it becomes a source for news. Just buying things at the supermarket, it became an issue. But it’s okay. If you are doubtful of anything, you can ask me. Perhaps next week I’ll you see me at the supermarket again.” Aff said in a very proper tone. HAHA. Aff is becoming quite a character. I like her. She is sassy and proper at the same time.

Second question, does she fear that people will suspect they are living together because they went shopping together.

Aff forced a smile and answered the question. “Huh…if just shopping together, that means living together-that is probably not right. That’s not even close.  Like I have said, right now, I feel like news are being made up about me. It’s almost like a lakorn.  And, I have been very cautious, I just want to live my life like a normal person. I don’t want to hide because I have done nothing wrong. I don’t feel terrible. I just care about the opinions of people who read this (news about her). Lets just say that if you are suspicious of anything, you can ask me. I’m prepared to answer. I will clear everything.”—Well put, my dearest Aff. You are handling the media quite well. I’m impressed. I didn’t think you had it in you.

Lastly, she dispelled the rumor that she is traveling aboard with Songkran for New Years. She is not. She will be with her family.

“Definitely for New Years, I will be with my family. Because my mother and my younger sister are coming from America. My mother knows about Songkran. Personally, I have never kept secrets from my family. Everything about me, that has happened to me, I tell them (her parents). Songkran has met my parents on my birthday, they didn’t say anything. Right now, I don’t think I would do a couple event with him. People have made offers, but it has nothing to do with money. He works a lot and I work a lot. Right now there are many projects I have to consider. Both in scheduling and whether it fits my character.”

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