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Silverlight 3 keeps the heat on Flash

Silverlight , Microsoft’s competing technology to Adobe’s Flash is ratcheting up soon. In this piece , I mentioned that I had been using the Silverlight 3 Beta client with Windows 7 RC (along side Flash). At least on this ‘test notebook’, no issues to report. Today came word from ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley that Silverlight 3.0 will go final on July 10th. Rich Media, as it’s been called, whether it be Flash or Silverlight, has been an issue for the SEO community although Google has addressed it directly with a partnering of sorts with Adobe . Most SEO companies are still advising clients to limit the animations, videos etc. in these formats on their primary landing pages so that search engine bots have an easier time picking up the important and relevant content. On the other hand, the newer website technologies are providing platforms for not only ‘fancy presentations’ but easier site navigation and just more content in a smaller space . Still a touchy one for most small webmasters.  On the other hand, take a look at many major retailers (and many others) and you will notice an ongoing evolution embracing rich media for product demos and more.

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Just Bing and Wave! (Update 1)

Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to do an extensive blog post today (It never fails?). On the other hand, at this hour … hundreds of others already have (see below). The buzz is hot from both Google and Microsoft and is more than overshadowing news from Hulu and elsewhere. I’ll share some of the key stories and press releases in our shared feed (lower right) shortly. Bing it is for Microsoft’s new search launch ( with a whole family of ”Baby Bings’ … including the re-branding of numerous products, and Bing Travel born out of the Farecast acquisition …) and from Google, it’s Google Wave which by all accounts looks like it has the potential to take ‘real-time’ (ala FriendFeed) and social networking  to a whole new dimension. This is not just exciting ‘geek stuff’.  It is, very possibly, ‘the next big thing’ as well as another huge web marketing shift. So much for the so-called echo chamber …. There are plenty of ‘takes’ at this hour. Pick up a few of your favorite publications (free) at TechMeMe here :) Update: I thought a few of you might find the below screenshot a little more than interesting. Yes, Bing is buying PPC (Pay-per-click ads) on Google! edited 9 PM ET 5/28/2009

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One of today’s Windows 7 Updates was real

Microsoft quietly rolled out an automatic update late Tuesday for Beta testers of Windows 7 RC. Included were 3 ‘test updates’ and 1 update for the compatibility view in Internet Explorer 8. In addition, a host of new Windows 7 language packs were released  (as optional) and can be downloaded by visiting Windows Update. Note: Depending on your settings, you may already have them or need to visit Windows update for the IE8 patch. More on the Windows 7 RC (which is still available for download) can be found here .

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Windows Vista Service Pack 2 now available

A short time ago, Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Vista and Windows Server 2008. Available from the Microsoft Download Center , the new SP2 ’s are available as stand-alones and/or a burnable ISO for DVD. “The latest service pack for both Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista, supports new types of hardware and emerging hardware standards, includes all of the updates that have been delivered since SP1, and simplifies deployment, for consumers, developers, and IT professionals”. Sidenote for the Beta crowd: Microsoft has also recently released Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 Beta 1 , as well as Silverlight 3.0 Beta for developers .  These betas, at least for me under Windows 7 RC,  have been running without issues so far and are worth checking out on a non-mission critical PC for forward looking developers. Great week all Charlie

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Bibee is Back (in Maxim)

Bibee in red bikini What a suiting way to make a come-back with the magazine that made you semi-famous? We’ve featured her here before and now Bibee is back in Maxim looking.. Just like before! Although I must say, a bit more manly. This one is up in the air. Any guesses if she’s a he or not? Just wish we could get an audio sample of her saying something. I wonder if anything came of being Miss Maxim 2006 other than showing your assets… Did I miss something? Or did she just win that title, disappeared and then returned to the same mag and similar pose? Miss Maxim 2006 So what’s the verdict people? Man or woman? Is she hiding something? Masculine or Feminine? Post from: Thai Scans: Hotter than Thai Food Bibee is Back (in Maxim) Related posts: Miss Maxim – Teya Nicole Vitals for the Miss Maxim winner, Teya Nicole… Aimee Morakot Kittisara former Miss Thailand Universe Aimee Morakot Kittisara comes out of hiding after winning the… Sririta looking absolutely fine Sririta Jensen in Mars Magazine for the 11ty billionth time….

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